How It Works

How it Works

1. Sign up for an account

When you create an account, all the videos you post will have your contact information attached to them. It will also let you keep track of all the videos you post in one place. * You don't have to be a Agent to upload your videos

2. Submit a Property

Once you have created your account, you can submit a property video. All you need to have is a link to your video (it can be from YouTube or Vimeo) and some details on the property. Choose the right major U.S. city and neighborhood the property is located in. For example, you can pick Los Angeles as the city and the San Fernando Valley as the neighborhood. Then hit submit!

3. Approved & Posted

We will review the video to make sure it is a property tour video (this can be an actual live shot video or a slide show). Once approved, it will be posted and will be added to the appropriate city page.